Grant Custer
Grant Custer

Designer and front-end developer interested in procedural generation, data visualization, product design and rethinking things from scratch.

Work experience
Designer–developer, Cloudera Fast Forward Labs
August 2014–now, 4 years

Designed and coded the interfaces for nine product prototypes demonstrating the possibilities of emerging technologies.

Designed the Fast Forward Labs brand and surrounding material, including nine printed research reports, the website, the blog, and internal tools. Post-Cloudera acquisition (in 2017) I've been working to integrate that brand into the larger Cloudera brand system.

Managed two projects by FFL interns, where they scoped, created and released their own prototypes.

Designer–developer, Betaworks
July 2012–August 2014, 2 years, 1 month

Designed and coded the interfaces for early-stage (under four-person) start-ups.

Designer–developer, Banters
December 2011–July 2012, 7 months

Designed and coded interfaces for a start-up focused on capturing memorable conversations.

Code and software experience

Code: Javascript, React, D3.js, three.js.

Software: Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.

Links – Work and inspiration in progress. – A Cloudera Fast Forward Labs prototype that places you in the role of turbofan factory owner. – A video overview of the nine prototypes we've built at Cloudera Fast Forward Labs. – Code and design experiments in the form of interactive Observable notebooks. – A proof-of-concept that uses three.js to render tens of thousands of data points in an interactive visualization – The Cloudera Fast Forward Labs blog. – A mini-site showcasing the science fiction stories included in each of the Fast Forward Labs reports.



Twitter: @GrantCuster

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